ibooks and ideas

Before becoming a published piece of work, every book starts out as an idea. Some of these ideas are good, and some are not so good, but because of the cost (and therefore risk) of producing a physical version of a book, many ideas that have potential fall by the wayside.

By utilising iBooks, Green & Pink Books hope to allow more original ideas to be seen, and read. These books are currently FREE to download. Using iBooks also allows for feedback, so that any popular (or unpopular) aspects of the book can be highlighted or altered should the story make it to print. So if you do download a book, please write a review… good or bad, we’d loved to know what you think.

Too Wide for the Slide!

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A rhyming story about a young horse who longs to ride on the slide and feel the wind in it’s mane. Then one day the farmer forgets to close the gate to the field, and the horse clip-clops up the slide. However, things don’t turn out quite like the horse had imagined… and a tight situation gets even worse when when Mr Chops the butcher happens to drive past.

A Seagull Called Moose


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This is the story about a greedy seagull called Moose who, on spotting a tasty looking pink shell, ends up pecking off more than he can chew… But is Moose more than the shell can chew?

The Garden Cafe

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A picture book in which a couple of children open a cafe in the garden at home. The cafe only serves ‘locally’ sourced produce, and the chef is a whizz with things found on the floor. Reserve a table today… If you dare!